Bavarian Pt 2/4 H

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Bavarian Pt 2/4 H
DR series 71 2
Bavarian Pt 2/4 H
Bavarian Pt 2/4 H
Numbering: 5001 - 5012
DR 71 201 - 212
Number: 12
Manufacturer: Krauss
Year of construction (s): 1906-1908
Retirement: 1948
Type : 1'B1 'h2t
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Length over buffers: 10,700 mm
Service mass: 60.0 t
Friction mass: 31.7 t
Wheel set mass : 16.0 t
Top speed: 75 km / h
Driving wheel diameter: 1,546 mm
Impeller diameter front: 1,006 mm
Rear wheel diameter: 1,006 mm
Number of cylinders: 2
Cylinder diameter: 490 mm
Piston stroke: 540 mm
Boiler overpressure: 12 bar
Grate area: 1.23 m²
Superheater area : 19.60 m²
Evaporation heating surface: 67.90 m²

The total of 12 steam locomotives of the class Pt 2/4 H were built by the Krauss company for the Royal Bavarian State Railroad between 1906 and 1908. They were used on routes in Bavaria for light and fast passenger trains .

The vehicles all had bulk firing with a drop funnel for one-man operation. Doors in the front and rear walls and transition bridges made it possible to get from the train to the locomotive. The locomotives built in different series exhibited considerable structural differences in some cases, primarily the design of the driver's cab.

The Deutsche Reichsbahn took over all machines of this type and added them to their inventory as the 71 2 series . Due to their very good running properties, the last machines were only taken out of service after 1948.


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