Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (1810)

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Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (1810)
Castle on the fortress wall in Ciudad Rodrigo
Castle on the fortress wall in Ciudad Rodrigo
date April 26, 1810 to July 9, 1810
place Ciudad Rodrigo , Spain
output Victory of the besiegers
Parties to the conflict

France 1804First empire France

Spain 1785Spain Spain


France 1804First empire Michel Ney

Spain 1785Spain Andrés de Herrasti

Troop strength
42,000 men and
60 cannons
5,500 men,
118 cannons

180 dead
over 1,000 wounded

461 dead,
994 wounded,
4,000 prisoners

During the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo , the French Marshal Michel Ney captured the fortified city from the Spaniards under the command of Field Marshal Don Andrés Perez de Herrasti on July 9, 1810, after the siege began on April 26, 1810. Neys VI. Corps was part of the 65,000-strong army under the command of André Masséna , who was planning the third French invasion of Portugal .


Neys VI. Corps consisted of Jean Marchand's 1st Division (6,500 men), Julien Mermet's 2nd Division (7,400 men), Louis Loison's 3rd Division (6,600 men), Auguste Lamotte's Light Cavalry Brigade (900 men), Charles Gardanne's Brigade of Mounted Dragoons (1,300 men) Man) and 60 cannons.

Herrasti commanded three regular battalions from Avila, Segovia and the 1st Mallorca Infantry Regiment, 375 artillerymen and 60 engineers. These troops were supplemented by three battalions of volunteers from Ciudad Rodrigo and a battalion from the city guard.


Herrastis 5,500 men of the Spanish garrison defended themselves valiantly and only had to surrender when Ney's artillery had cut a breach in the city wall and the French infantry were ready to attack. The Spanish casualties amounted to 461 dead, 994 wounded and 118 cannons. 4,000 men were taken prisoner. Neys VI. Corps had 180 dead and over 1,000 wounded in losses during the siege. After the surrender, the city was sacked by the French.


The siege delayed the invasion of Portugal by more than a month.

A second siege of Ciudad Rodrigo took place in 1812.



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Individual evidence

  1. Perez de Herrasti, Governor of Ciudad Rodrigo