Berliner Liedertafel

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Berliner Liedertafel
Seat: Berlin / Germany
Founding: 1884
Genus: Male choir
Founder: Adolf Zander
Head : Vincent Sebastian Jaufmann
Voices : 48 ( TTBB )
Website :

Berliner Liedertafel is the name for a men's choir used by the members of the first German men's choir, founded in 1809 by music director Carl Friedrich Zelter . In 1819, at the instigation of Ludwig Berger , Bernhard Klein , Gustav Reichardt and Ludwig Rellstab , another male choir was established, which was also called the Liedertafel . Finally, in 1884 , Adolf Zander founded the still active male choir Berliner Liedertafel e. V. ( as of summer 2020. )


Berlin (original) song table (from 1809)

The first Berlin Liedertafel is also known as the Zeltersche Liedertafel (after its founder Carl Friedrich Zelter ). The meeting point for the singing Berliners was the English House at Mohrenstrasse 49.

(Younger) Berliner Liedertafel (from 1819)

In 1819 Ludwig Berger , Bernhard Klein , Gustav Reichardt and Ludwig Rellstab founded the Younger Berliner Liedertafel (or Younger Liedertafel zu Berlin ), which differed radically from the elitist, romantic Zelter round table. She had given herself a democratic statute.
Both Liedertafel differed by the addition of Older Liedertafel and Younger Liedertafel and existed together for a few years and also shared the English House. The Younger Liedertafel brought together singers from the young veterans of the liberation wars , who brought their liberal and patriotic ideas to the compositions and lectures. This background also explains the heroic song culture that was cultivated at the time.

(New) Berliner Liedertafel (from 1884)

Finally, Adolf Zander resumed the tradition of a men's choir for Berlin and in 1884 brought the Neue Berliner Liedertafel to life. It was an amalgamation of several smaller choirs and already had 117 singers at the end of the year it was founded. In the Wilhelminian era, the Berliner Liedertafel was one of the largest male choirs in Germany with over 250 singers. The choir traveled extensively abroad (Austria, Romania, Sweden, France, the Baltic States, Italy, Russia, Egypt, USA, Japan) and gave major concerts with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The Neue Berliner Liedertafel maintained a club house in the then administrative district of Kreuzberg , Urbanstrasse 21.

Literature and main source

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