Bertrand II (Provence)

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Bertrand II of Provence († April 29, 1090 or July 28, 1094) was Count of Provence from 1051 and Margrave of Provence from 1061/62 . He was the son and successor (as Count of Provence) of Gottfried I. Only with his death did this title pass to Bertrand.

Bertrand ruled all along with his uncle and cousins. In 1081 - during Henry IV's struggle with the prince opposition and against the papacy - he withdrew his loyalty to the future emperor and submitted to the pope.

When he died, the title of margrave went to Raymond IV , Count of Toulouse . With his wife Mathilde, with whom he was married since February 1061, he had the daughter Cecilia († 1150), who married Bernard Aton IV. Trencavel , Vice Count of Nîmes and Count of Carcassonne , from the Trencavel family in 1083 .

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predecessor Office successor
Gottfried I. Count of Provence
around 1051-1061 / 62
Gottfried I. Margrave of Provence
1061 / 62-1094?
Raymond IV.