List of Counts and Margraves of Provence

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Counts of Provence

House Provence

Margraviate and County of Provence

Provence with the margraviate, the county of Forcalquier and the county in the 12th century

The two sons of Bosos II divided their father's territory. The older, Redbald II , took over the region around Avignon and founded the margraviate of Provence. The younger, William I , took the land around Arles and founded the county of Provence. From this the county Forcalquier was separated in the 11th century , which was ruled by descendants of Count Gottfried I. Due to the marriage of the last heiress of Forcalquier to Count Alfonso II , this county was reunited with the county of Provence at the end of the 12th century.

Both the margravate and the county of Provence were united with France after the death of their last owners, although they were fiefdoms of the Holy Roman Empire . Parts of the margraviate (Venaissin, Avignon) were handed over to the Pope.

Margraviate of Provence Provence county
Surname Reign relationship
House Provence (older line)
Rotbald II. 965 / 967-1008 Son of Boso II.
Red Bald III. around 1008-1014 Son of the predecessor
William III. 1014-1037 Son of the predecessor
Emma 1037 – after 1063 Sister of the predecessor
Blason Languedoc.svg
Raimundiner (Toulouse House)
Bertrand I. at 1063 - ???? Son of the predecessor
Raymond IV of Saint-Gilles ???? - 1105 Nephew of the predecessor
Bertrand III. 1105-1108 Son of his predecessor
Alfons Jordan 1108-1148 Brother of his predecessor
Raimund V. 1148-1194 Son of his predecessor
Raymond VI. 1194-1222 Son of his predecessor
Raymond VII. 1222-1249 Son of his predecessor
Johanna 1249-1271 Daughter of the predecessor
Armoiries Alphonse Poitiers.svg
Alfonso of Poitiers 1249-1271 Husband of Johanna
Merger of the Margraviate of Provence with the French Crown Domain .

In 1274 King Philip III transferred the bold the Comtat Venaissin to the Pope.
The county of Avignon was given to his cousin Charles II of Anjou by King Philip IV of the Fair in 1290 . His great-granddaughter Johanna sold Avignon to the Pope in 1348.
Surname Domination relationship
House Provence (younger line)
Wilhelm I the Liberator 965 / 967-993 Son of Boso II.
Wilhelm II. 993-1018 Son of the predecessor
William IV 1018-1019 / 30 Son of the predecessor
Fulko Bertrand I. 1019/30 – around 1051 Brother of the predecessor
Gottfried I. at 1051-1061 / 62 Brother of the predecessor
Bertrand II. 1061 / 62-1090 / 94 Son of the predecessor
Gerberga 1090 / 94-1112 / 18 Sister of the predecessor
Dulcia I. 1112 / 18-1127 / 30 Daughter of the predecessor
Aragon arms.svg
House Barcelona
Berengar Raimund I. 1127 / 30-1144 Son of the predecessor
Raimund Berengar III. 1144-1166 Son of the predecessor
Dulcia II. 1144-1166 Daughter of the predecessor
Alfons I. 1166-1167 Great-grandson of Dulcia I.
Raimund Berengar IV. 1167-1181 Brother of the predecessor
Sancho 1181-1185 Brother of the predecessor
Alfonso II 1185-1209 Son of Alfonso I.
Raimund Berengar V. 1209-1245 Son of the predecessor
Beatrix 1245-1267 Daughter of the predecessor
Armoiries Anjou Jérusalem.svg
House Anjou
Charles I of Anjou 1267-1285 Husband of Beatrix
Charles II the Lame 1285-1309 Son of the predecessor
Robert the Wise 1309-1343 Son of the predecessor
Johanna 1343-1382 Granddaughter of the predecessor
Blason duche for Anjou (modern) .png
House Anjou-Valois
Ludwig I. 1382-1384 Adoptive son of the predecessor
Ludwig II. 1384-1417 Son of the predecessor
Ludwig III. 1417-1434 Son of the predecessor
René the good king 1434-1480 Brother of the predecessor
Charles III 1480-1481 Nephew of the predecessor
Union of the county of Provence with the French crown domain .

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