Gerberga of Provence

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Gerberga of Provence (around 1060 ; † February 3, 1112 or January 1118 ) was Countess of Provence and Arles from 1093 to 1111 or 1112 . She was the sister of Count Bertrand II and daughter of Count Gottfried I.

In 1073 she married Gilbert , Count of Gévaudan , with whom she had two daughters, Dulcia of Gévaudan and Stephanie of Gévaudan. After Gilbert was murdered in 1110/12, she married Dulcia to Raimund Berengar III. , Count of Barcelona , to whom she then handed over Provence. Her second daughter Stephanie, who later married Raimund I von Les Baux , did not give up her claims to the land, which triggered the so-called Guerres Baussenques (1144 to 1162) between the Provençals and the married Catalans.

predecessor Office successor
Bertrand II. Countess of Provence
1093–1112 / 18
Dulcia I.
Gottfried I. Countess of Arles
1093–1112 / 18