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Alfonso II of Aragon
Alfonso II of Aragon. This is how Alfonso II was imagined in the 17th century.
Family crypt in the Poblet monastery

Alfonso II of Aragón , called the Chaste ( el Casto ) (born March 25, 1157 in Huesca ( Aragon , Spain ), † April 25, 1196 in Perpignan ) was King of Aragon from 1162 until his death and from 1163 as Alfonso I. Count of Barcelona, ​​Girona, Osona, Besalu, Cerdagne, Tarragona and Roussillon; Marquis of Lérida and Tortosa, Count des Gevaudan , Viscount of Millau and Carlat, and since 1166 also Count of Provence .


Born the second son after Peter, who died as a child, he was baptized Raimund after his father . At the instigation of his mother, he was renamed Alfons after the death of the Crown Prince.

Alfonso was popular as the protector of class liberties and patron of the trobadors . Alfons wrote his own poetry, celebrating the happiness of love in a cannon .

In 1172 he conquered the county of Roussillon from Navarre and also acquired part of Provence through inheritance law. He regained Zaragoza , conquered Caspe and founded the city of Teruel .

Alfons was able to break away from the suzerainty of the Castilian king and agreed with him the mutual spheres of interest in Moorish Spain , whereby he secured the kingdom of Valencia , which he warred for a long time.

The king was regarded as an avid supporter of the Third Estate , which in Aragon - as one of the first European countries - achieved great political importance.

Alfonso II was buried in the Monestir de Santa Maria de Poblet in the family vault of the monastic church. Body parts were also allegedly buried in the church of the monastery of Santa Maria de Vilabertran ; There is a grave slab of the king with the inscription: Part of the remains that are most important .


Alfons was a son of Raimund Berengar IV of Barcelona and his wife Petronella of Aragón , the daughter of King Ramiros of Aragon . He married on January 18, 1174 in Saragossa Sancha (1155 / 7-1208), the daughter of King Alfonso VII of Castile and his second wife Richeza of Poland . With Sancha he had the following children:

  1. ⚭ 1198 King Emmeric of Hungary
  2. ⚭ 1210 Emperor Friedrich II.
  • Alfonso II (1180–1209), Count of Provence
  • Sancho († young)
  • Eleonore (1182–1226) ⚭ approx. 1202 Count Raimund VI. from Toulouse
  • Raimund Berengar († young)
  • Sancha (1186–1242) ⚭ 1211 (deceased 1241) Count Raymond VII of Toulouse
  • Ferdinand (1190–1249), Abbot of Monte Aragón
  • Dulcia (* 1192), nun

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