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Fulko Bertrand I († probably April 27, 1051 ) was Count of Provence since 1018, together with his brothers Wilhelm IV († 1019/30) and Gottfried I († probably 1061/62). After Wilhelm's death, Fulko assumed the title of margrave , which signaled that he was the head of the family.

Together with Gottfried, Fulko made a donation to Cluny Abbey on May 26, 1037 , and to the Saint-Victor church in Marseille on January 16, 1040. Fulko Bertrand was a great patron of monastic renewal in the early 11th century. He convened a synod of clergy and nobles to found the Abbey of Saint Promasius near Forcalquier, to restore Bremetense near Gap , which had been destroyed by the Saracens of Fraxinetum .

He and his brother Gottfried gave up much of the power over the royal fiscus that had been in the family since the reign of his great-grandfather. Much was given as an allodein to vassals , and the weakening of Provence as a unit began with the policy of Fulkos and Gottfried.

Despite their generosity towards Fulko, the Vice Count of Marseilles , fighting broke out between them in 1031, in which Toulon was damaged.

Fulko Bertrand married a daughter of Count Wilhelm III. Taillefer . His successor in Provence was his son Wilhelm VI. Bertrand ; his second son Gottfried II inherited Forcalquier . One daughter became the first wife of Raimund IV. Count of Toulouse († 1105), the other married Wilhelm II. Count of Besalú (dec. 1066/70).


  1. also Fulco or Fulcho and Bertrannus in contemporary documents, Fulk in modern French. Bertrand I. with reference to his son Bertrand II.


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