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Company explorations are events that, as a special form of teaching or as an excursion, serve to establish contacts between school and operational reality at an extracurricular learning location .


They are always part of a comprehensive curriculumwithin the educational requirement to lead the students to the professional world. They are given the task of demonstrating exemplary insights into the realities of the professional, economic and working world. Ultimately, like the company internship, they aim to initiate the vocational qualification and thus have a significant role in career orientation. Company visits always have a complementary function; as introductory contacts to internships, they give those involved an overview of the operational reality as a whole. An essential aspect is the shared insights of the students, since explorations - unlike internships - are class events. The explorations enable the pupils to become acquainted with active exploration methods that supplement the observation and to apply them practically, e.g. B. the survey or the interview. In order to get in the right mood, company employees (managing directors but alsoTrainees ) important. They can be carried out under six aspects:

  • more technological
  • business management
  • more social
  • more ecological
  • consumption and
  • professional aspect.

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Two forms of organization are possible:

  • The isolated explorations stand as an independent curriculum with their own but limited requirements, the integrated explorations are not only part of the career orientation curriculum, they give this curriculum a special value by bringing together teaching and exploration - from school and company.
  • As integrated explorations, they should serve as an introductory function for a company internship . Compared to the internship, the explorations have the advantage that they offer opportunities to reflect on the point of view, but a disadvantage compared to the internship is the limited practical control options.


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