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Krishna and the Gopis. Miniature from a Bhagavatapurana manuscript from 1760–1765

The Bhagavatapurana ( Sanskrit , भागवतपुराण, Bhāgavata-Purāṇa , roughly: "The old book of God"), also Srimad Bhagavatam , is a holy scripture of Hinduism of Vishnuit style.

In 18,000 verses, which are divided into 12 "books", it tells the stories of Vishnu and his avatars , the most famous of whom is Krishna . In the 10th book, which comprises about a quarter of the complete works, the childhood and youth of Krishna are dealt with, who with his charm and beauty casts the shepherd girls ( Gopis ) of his village under his spell. The ecstatic love of these girls for Krishna is a symbol for Bhakti , the mystical longing and love of the soul for God.

The Bhagavatapurana is one of the most famous Puranas . It proclaims Vishnu or Krishna as the highest God. Vishnu is also addressed as Bhagavan , the followers of Vishnu ( Vaishnavas ) are also called Bhagavatas .

In religious ritual theater, the male actors are usually called bhagavata of Brahmin origin. Bhagavata Mela is a religious dance drama in honor of Vishnu, which is only performed in three villages near the southern Indian city of Thanjavur .

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