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Batter is a viscous batter that for frying of fish , vegetables , fruit , or more rarely, small pieces of meat is used. Even sweet dishes such as beignets are made with beer batter.

The dough is made from flour and light or dark beer to taste . It does not have to contain an egg, but if you want a special crispness, you can stir in an egg or an egg yolk. Adding whipped egg whites to whipped egg whites makes the fried food more voluminous and airy. The dough is seasoned spicy with salt and pepper or sweet with vanilla or cinnamon; other ingredients such as sesame seeds , poppy seeds or coconut flakes can also be added.

The dough should be liquid, but not soup-like thin, so that it sticks to the baked goods that have previously been turned in flour. The dough-coated pieces are fried in hot, tasteless fat and served warm.

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