Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless

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Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless ( Brew for short ) is an application platform for smartphones developed by Qualcomm . It supports all common mobile radio standards such as GSM / GPRS , UMTS and CDMA . Brew is mainly used for game development and thus competes directly with the Java ME platform.


Brew applications are developed in C or C ++ using the Brew SDK . The SDK contains the Brew Emulator . or from version 3.0 the Brew simulator for testing an application. Brew provides a complete API for developing applications.

In contrast to the JavaME platform, only certified applications can be started on an end device. To do this, the application must be digitally signed by the developer and run through the TRUE BREW testing program.


One of the very first devices was the BenQ Siemens EF81 , which was first presented to the public in December 2005.

The first current smartphone running under Brew in 2010 is the HTC Smart . In addition to Brew, it also has HTC's own Sense user interface.

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