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Bust of Bismarck on the north side ( from Donndorf )

The Bismarckplatz ( listen ? / I ) in Heidelberg is located at the western end of the main street ( old town ) and forms the transition to the Bergheim district . It is one of the central squares in Heidelberg and, along with the forecourt of the main train station ( Willy-Brandt- Platz), forms the most important junction for public urban transport. Audio file / audio sample


The area of ​​today's Bismarckplatz formed the western border of the city from 1392, when the inhabitants of the village Bergheim in front of it were forced to move to the newly built suburb.

View from the north

In 1847, a winter harbor was built at the same location to support shipping on the Neckar , an important source of income for the city. However, since at the same time rail traffic was on the advance and the winter harbor itself was a faulty construction - the entrance was too deep and too narrow, which meant that the water in the harbor basin could not drain away and rotten - the basin was opened in 1867 –1874 filled in again and a garden was built in the same place. On April 1, 1875, the former was given the name of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Over the years, Bismarckplatz has developed into a central hub for local public transport . In 1961 the Horten department store (today: Galeria Kaufhof ) opened on the south side of the square , several old buildings were demolished for the construction and which still dominates the area optically to this day.

The so-called "spaghetti column"

At the end of the 1970s, as part of the urban modernization concept of the then mayor Reinhold Zundel, the tram was banned from the adjacent main street, making the main street, which starts at Bismarckplatz, a purely pedestrian zone . As part of these measures, Bismarckplatz was given its current appearance, which is characterized by the facade of the Horten department store redesigned in 1982 and the fountain sculpture in front of it by the sculptor couple Matschinsky-Denninghoff (1985) (popularly known as the spaghetti column ). The redesigned square was opened on July 6, 1986.

Public transport at Bismarckplatz

Bismarckplatz Heidelberg is now one of the central transfer points for buses and trams in Heidelberg. It is ideally located right in front of the city entrance (pedestrian zone).

List of departing passenger traffic:

No. Type Line course operator
5 Interurban tram Weinheim - Heidelberg - Mannheim - Viernheim - Weinheim RNV
9 Interurban tram (Heidelberg-) Mannheim - Ludwigshafen - Bad Dürkheim RNV
21st tram Bismarckplatz - Ost Hbf RNV
22nd tram Bismarckplatz - Pfaffengrund - Eppelheim RNV
23 tram Handschuhsheim - Bismarckplatz - Rohrbach - Leimen RNV
26th tram Bismarckplatz - Messplatz - Kirchheim RNV
29 City bus Bismarckplatz - Rohrbach - Boxberg - Rohrbach - Bismarckplatz RNV
31 City bus Uniklinikum - Neuenheim - Bismarckplatz - Universitätsplatz RNV
32 City bus Uniklinikum - Zoo - Hbf - Bismarckplatz - Universitätsplatz RNV
33 City bus Emmertsgrund - Boxberg - Rohrbach - Hbf - Bismarkplatz - Schlierbach - Ziegelhausen RNV
34 City bus Pfaffengrund - Wieblingen - Hbf - Bismarckplatz - Neuenheim - Ziegelhausen - Wilhelmsfeld - Heiligkreuzsteinach RNV / BRN
35 City bus Wieblingen - Bismarckplatz - Schlierbach - Neckargemünd RNV
39 City bus Bismarckplatz - Speyerhof - EMBL - Königstuhl RNV
E / J Express bus Neuenheim - Bismarckplatz - Ziegelhausen RNV
F / K Express bus Neuenheim - Bismarckplatz - Rohrbach RNV
M1 night bus Bismarckplatz - Rohrbach - Emmertsgrund RNV
M2 night bus Universitätsplatz - Bismarckplatz - Wieblingen RNV
M3 night bus Bismarckplatz - Bahnstadt - Rohrbach RNV
M4 night bus Bismarckplatz - Schlierbach - Ziegelhausen RNV
M5 night bus Neuenheimerfeld - Hbf - Bismarckplatz - Altstadt station RNV
720 Regional bus Heidelberg - Sandhausen - Walldorf - St. Leon-Rot BRN
735 Regional bus Heidelberg - Neckargemünd - Neckarsteinach - Heiligkreuzsteinach BRN
752 Regional bus Heidelberg - Neckargemünd - Dilsberg - Mückenloch BRN
754 Regional bus Heidelberg - Neckargemünd - Wiesenbach - Lobenfeld - (Waldwimmersbach / Epfenbach) - (Schönbrunn / Reichertshausen) BRN
755 Regional bus Heidelberg - Neckargemünd - Bammental - Meckesheim - Sinsheim BRN
1004 Call taxi Bismarckplatz - Speyerhof - EMBL taxi
1007 Call taxi Bismarckplatz - Speyerhof - Königstuhl taxi

There is also a taxi rank in the immediate vicinity of Bismarckplatz.


The ambivalent relationship between Heidelberg and Bismarckplatz becomes clear in a popular additional rhyme to the well-known student song " I lost my heart in Heidelberg ", which refers to the omnipresent pigeons:

Dreggische Glatz, Dreggische Glatz,
they are rigged on em Bismarckplatz

(A dirty bald head, dirty bald head,
you get that on Bismarckplatz)

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