Boatswain's mate knot

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Boatswain's mate knot
Boatswain's mate knot
Type loop
application Decorative knot on the pipe lanyard
Ashley No.
Synonyms Hohenzollern knot
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The boatswain's mate knot is a knot from the shipping industry that historically served as a badge and can now be found in macrame as a decorative knot.

Names and history

The name "bosun's mate knot" comes from the cords of the bosun's whistle , with which the bosun's mate emphasized his hierarchical position on board.


Forms a pretty loop on pipe strings or on the cord of the knife.


First a bay is made. An "eight" is placed in the double ribbon. With the end through the eye , and then alternating above and below through the eye , and finally through the eye again.


The boatswain's mate knot is a basic pattern for platting , in which many shapes are always alternately plaited "around the top - around the bottom".

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