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The Brachylogie ( ancient Greek βραχύς brachys , German , short ' and λόγος logos , word', eg "Kurzwörtigkeit") or the brevitas ( lat. , Soon 'or' speech soon ') is a short, concise language similar to the ellipse in the Linguistics. This is achieved by omitting parts of the sentence that already occur in another form in the immediate context or that can be supplemented from the sentence sense. Subspecies of brachylogy are Apokoinu , Syllepse and Zeugma .


“The droplet becomes the sea when it comes into the sea;
The soul is     God when it is received in God. "

- Angelus Silesius : Cherubinischer Wandermann, 6th book, p. 83.

The underlining (or the space) is added and marks the place where the word “will” was deleted.

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