Braque Belge

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Braque Belge (†)
Braque Belge
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FCI Standard No. 79 (deleted)
1.1 Type ' Braque '
Origin :


Alternative names:

Belgian hound

Withers height:

~ 65 cm


~ 25 kg

List of domestic dogs

The Braque Belge (Belgian Hound) is a dog breed from Belgium that is considered extinct .

The height at the withers was 65 cm with a weight of 25 kg. The head was broad, the ears set at eye level, drooping, of medium length. The eyes were yellow or chestnut colored. The Braque Belge was usually white with large brown spots, the hair was fine, thick and short. The build was rather broad, longer than high, not designed for speed, but for powerful use. She was said to have a somewhat cocky temperament, but also amiability.

Since there are hardly any specimens of this breed left, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) has struck them off their registers. The Braque Belge is therefore considered to be extinct, even if this decision is not final: the deletion is considered "provisional".

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