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A letter clip
Letter clip, different design

A letter clipper (also called Bulldog Clip , after its English name) is a simple device for stapling pages of paper together. It does not damage the paper and, unlike staples, can be easily removed again.

Properties and intended use

A typical letter clip consists mainly of a strip of spring steel sheet that is bent into a cylinder and the angled ends of which, when at rest, are compressed so tightly by the spring tension that they can hold a small stack of paper together. With two handles on the opposite side, the letter clip can be opened against the spring tension and the paper can be inserted or removed. Usually the handles are perforated at the end so that the stack of paper can also be hung on them.

Paper clips are mainly used in the office. Similar to foldback staples , their main purpose is to hold stacks of paper together that are too big for staples. However, since they take up more space than the other due to their rigid design with the same clamping capacity, they are increasingly being displaced by them in everyday office life.

A letter clip, combined with a suitable flat surface, results in a clipboard .

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