Thoracic spine

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Human spine, thoracic spine blue

The section of the spine between the cervical and lumbar spine is called the thoracic spine (BWS) . In humans it consists of 12 vertebrae , labeled Th1 to Th12 (Th stands for Latin pars thoracica , part of the chest 'from thorax , thorax'). In healthy people, it curves backwards, which is known as physiological kyphosis .

Thoracic vertebrae

The thoracic vertebrae are higher in the back than in the front. The surfaces of the articular processes are vertical and directed backwards, the spinous processes overlap like roof tiles. The vertebral hole is round. In addition, the vertebrae on their bodies and transverse processes provide articular surfaces for the ribs .

Thoracic vertebrae from above
Thoracic vertebra in side view


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