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The Federation of Evangelical Congregations is an umbrella organization of free church congregations in Switzerland . It arose from the newlife movement.


The Federation of Evangelical Congregations goes back to 1970, when a missionary work in a coffee shop called newlife in Zurich reached exemplary young people. Various new parishes emerged from this movement, some of which have merged into the BEG.

Heinz Strupler, the current President of the BEG, founded the Institute for Community Housing and World Mission (IGW) in 1990 , which until 2003 was part of the BEG / Newlife.

The BEG belongs to the Association of Evangelical Free Churches and Congregations in Switzerland .


The Newlife community in Zurich has had an eventful history. The first church services in 1970 took place in a Ländli parish in Seefeld. For reasons of space, they gathered in different places. This is how the Evangelical Church of Zurich-Wiedikon came into being. Newlife founder Heinz W. Strupler played a key role in founding the International Christian Fellowship in 1990 . Due to a decline in visitors, the Christians of the Wiediker congregation founded the City Church in Glockenhof in 1997 , which was a member of the Federation of Evangelical Congregations in 2004, but is no longer listed on the BEG member list in 2012. The Evangelical Community II on Hardstrasse also emerged from the Newlife work. Through a restructuring, this church was dissolved in 1998 and a new church was founded. The old name Newlife Zurich had been chosen again. The new Newlife Congregation began again in 2001 with regular public church services. In 2003 the Newlife Congregation broke away from the Federation of Evangelical Congregations and was institutionally independent until it was dissolved in 2011.


The following congregations in Switzerland belong to the Federation of Evangelical Congregations.

  • newlife - Evangelical Congregation Bern
  • Evangelical Congregation Bremgarten (AG)
  • Evangelical Congregation Muri (AG)
  • eg Rorschach - Church that moves
  • Evangelical Congregation Wohlen (AG)
  • Hasli Chile - Evangelical Church in the Zurich Unterland
  • NORDUFER.CH - for people from the Meilen region
  • Free Christian Congregation Uri


In the Bund New Life International , some works from the areas of church planting, church development, training and mission are networked with one another.

  • AMS - Arts Ministry School
  • EE Mission - Evangelism & Equipment
  • EE Switzerland - Evangelism Explosiv
  • Discipleship Training Center (Kenya)
  • ISTL: International Seminary and Training Center of Leadership
  • young leaders
  • Equip Switzerland - Equipping Leaders To Reach Our World
  • preacher.ch - the speaker platform
  • Mentoring network
  • potpourris


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