Thorn Castle

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Thorn Castle
Thorn Castle (July 2010)

Thorn Castle (July 2010)

Creation time : 1260
Castle type : Location
Conservation status: Remodeled ruin
Standing position : Ordensburg
Place: Toruń
Geographical location 53 ° 0 '34 "  N , 18 ° 36' 39"  E Coordinates: 53 ° 0 '34 "  N , 18 ° 36' 39"  E
Thorn Castle (Kuyavian Pomeranian)
Thorn Castle

The Castle Thorn was a Teutonic castle of the Teutonic Order in the then West Prussian city of Torun, now Toruń .


Thorn was founded by the order in 1233 and developed into a trading center with Poland . In 1260 the city was fortified by this castle.

The citizens of Thorn joined the Hanseatic League and in 1440 the Prussian Confederation . On February 7, 1454, they tried to storm the castle. The then Komtur Albrecht Kelb was initially able to repel the storm, then the siege began. After just one day, Kelb surrendered and opened the gates. The city council of Thorn immediately approved the destruction of the castle for strategic reasons in order to avoid a renewed stationing of foreign troops, be they Polish or Teutonic troops. The destruction of the castle ushered in the Thirteen Years War . The outer bailey , the so-called Dansker, was preserved .

The ruin remained unused for a long time, in the meantime it served as a waste dump. In 1966 the entire site was cleared up, examined and the numerous architectural finds were then exhibited in the exposed cellar rooms of the castle and in the Thorn district museum. The up to 1.5 meter high foundation walls of the first floor and the moat were exposed, secured and partially reconstructed. The foundation walls of the octagonal tower and other, higher wall sections on the south side were made visible and accessible to visitors.


The original floor plan resembled a horseshoe and represents an early construction of order castles, before the later typical square shape became standard. The castle already had a moat and an octagonal tower.


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