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Business-to-Administration (B2A, BtA) or Business-to-Government (B2G, BtG) describes the communication and business relationships between companies and authorities

In contrast to a company's communication relationships with:

The term business-to-administration (business-to-government) continues to cover all aspects of public administration .

The sector encompasses all of the company's relationships with public service institutions, from legal matters to lobbying . An increasingly important factor is also the public-private partnership (PPP, public-private partnership , PPP), i.e. the cooperation and private sector outsourcing in areas of public tasks.

The business processes are categorized in this way, especially in connection with the support of business processes by electronic means of communication on the part of the authorities (i.e. e-administration ).

B2A is also becoming increasingly important in the marketing area , where special marketing measures are used for customers in this area (for example, due to budget-based financing in public procurement and procurement): A typical case of B2A in the sales sector is municipal trade fairs, i.e. trade fairs for municipalities as customers, where all products and services for the fulfillment of the statutory municipal tasks are presented, from snow removal devices to specialized software services.

Individual evidence

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