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CA-Realizer is a BASIC - interpreter / compiler of Computer Associates by the various versions of OS / 2 and Microsoft Windows were available.

The development tools included an editor, the actual compiler and a debugger (debugging program), as well as a form generator (Formgen) and an installation tool.

Current versions (End of 2008)
system program version
Windows CA-Realizer for Windows 3.0
CA-Realizer Compiler EXE Builder 3.0
CA-FormDev 3.0
CA install 3.0
OS / 2 CA / OS / 2 2.0A


The CA-Realizer was a BASIC -like software development environment that provided functions and a form generator. The original version CA-Realizer 1.0 was released by Computer Associates in 1992. Several versions were subsequently issued. This was a version of the BASIC programming language and presented itself as a so-called "Rapid Application Development Tool". The CA-Realizer had integrated "Formgen", "Compiler" and "Installation tool" as well as some powerful integrated components that were comparable and in competition with Visual Basic Classic in its early days. It offered some functionality (as well as a pretty useful spreadsheet) and a cross-platform.


There were versions of both 16-bit Windows 3.1, 32-bit Windows 95, and a 32-bit IBM OS / 2 version. The final and final version was CA-Realizer 3.0 and was released around 1996. After MS Visual Basic 4.0 gained further functionality, the CA Realizer fell into oblivion. Further CA product offerings in the late 1990s supplanted the CA Realizer.

Versions 1.0 through 2.0A supported Windows 2.0 through Windows 3.11, as well as OS / 2. Version 3.0 supported Windows 3.0 to Windows 95, as well as Windows NT and 2000. You can get it to work under Windows XP; to do this, some dynamic link libraries (DLLs) must be replaced / changed and settings in compatibility mode (Windows 95) made during installation. The compilers generate comparatively fast code because they generate machine language, whereas many other BASIC compilers generate P-code that still has to be interpreted at runtime - i. H. only then is it translated into machine language command by command. The EXE programs that the CA Realizer compilers generate can run independently and require a few runtime modules (DLLs).


The CA_Realizer compilers are commercial programs. Low-cost versions available came from Pearl and TopwareGOLD of the compiler in version 2.0A, and version 3.0 available. It was advantageous for users that the created EXE files including the DLLs could be sold as separate programs under the license agreement.

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