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A US soldier with an XM-177E1 (Colt Model 610)
general information
Country of operation: United States
Developer / Manufacturer: Colt , ArmaLite
Manufacturer country: United States
Weapon Category: Assault rifle
Overall length: 719 - 787 mm
Weight: (unloaded) 2.78 kg
Barrel length : 254 mm
Technical specifications
Caliber : 5.56 × 45 mm NATO
( .223 Remington )
Cadence : 750 rounds / min
Number of trains : 4th
Twist : right
Closure : Turret lock
Charging principle: Gas pressure charger
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CAR 15 is a series of weapons manufactured by Colt , which is largely based on the M16A1 assault rifle.


  • CAR 15 Colt Commando with shortened barrel , extendable metal shoulder rest and unscrewable flash hider for commanders.
  • CAR 15 Submachine Gun as a submachine gun without shoulder rest with 670 mm length and 2.72 kg weight for helicopter and tank crews.
  • CAR 15 Commando Submachine Gun with a length of 719 mm and a weight of 2.78 kg for special forces.
  • CAR 15 Heavy Assault Rifle M2 as a so-called "heavy rapid fire rifle " with a thick barrel and 980 mm length and a weight of 3.44 kg.
  • CAR 15 Survival Rifle as a weapon for hunting and self-defense with a length of 736 mm for aircraft crews.


The CAR 15 Colt Commando was the first carbine version of the M16 and was made available to US soldiers in the Special Forces in Vietnam from 1965 . However, despite the flash hider , the short barrel of the gun led to a louder blast and stronger muzzle flash. This revealed the position of a shooter. Colt responded by installing new flash hiders. The new version was then called Colt Model 609 Commando. In the US Army , the weapon was introduced as the XM-177E1 . The CAR 15 is considered the predecessor of the M4 .



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