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The Cape Fear Railways ( AAR reporting as mark: CF) is an American shunting - Railway Company in Fort Bragg (North Carolina) . The company is based in Fort Bragg and is part of the Seaboard Corporation group of companies .

In 1906 the Fayetteville Street Railway and Power Company built an intercity tram from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Fort Bragg. In 1921 Cape Fear Railways took over the railway line. Associated with this was the order to transport the aircraft fuel for Pope Air Force Base . Since the route was not designed for the loads caused by freight traffic, the Cape Fear Railways built a railway line from Skibo (on the route of the Aberdeen and Rockfish Railroad ) to Fayetteville. In 1926 the Cape Fear Railways was converted into a public railway and the new line was put into operation, while the former tram line was closed. In 1930, the company took over the operation of the railway network within Fort Bragg. In 1984 the transport on the route to Skibo was stopped. Due to the proximity to a busy road and the development, the fuel transport on the route to Skibo was stopped in 1984. In 2007 an application was made to close this section. The supply of the military base has been carried out exclusively via the CSX route in Fort Junction since 1984 .

The approximately eight kilometer long route network within Fort Bragg is leased by the US Army and the connecting route by the CSX. The company has seven employees and two EMD GP10s rented from the US Army .


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