Carpal boss

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Classification according to ICD-10
M19.8 Other specified osteoarthritis
ICD-10 online (WHO version 2019)

When Carpal boss (even carpal bossing or carpe bossu ) is a swelling on the back of the hand in the transition from the carpal bones to the metacarpals of the second or third beam. It arises from bony additions to the involved bones to the dorsal side behind the joint, which are in contact similar to a pseudarthrosis .


The phenomenon was first described in 1931 by the French doctor J. Foille, who saw it in himself.


In many cases a carpal boss does not cause any problems. Occasionally, however, especially after a direct trauma at this point (striking the back of the hand), a sensitivity with pain and possibly even restricted mobility is evident . Chronic irritation of the neighboring extensor tendons can also occur.

Differential diagnosis

In the differential diagnosis , ganglia must be delineated, which can also occur at the same time or next to a carpal boss.

Individual evidence

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