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Classification according to ICD-10
K13.0 Diseases of the lip
cheilosis, corner cheilosis
E52 + K93.8 * Cheilosis at Pellagra
E53.0 + K93.8 * Cheilosis with vitamin B 2 deficiency
ICD-10 online (WHO version 2019)
Angular cheilitis

Various diseases and changes in the lips are referred to as cheilosis (from the Greek  χεῖλος cheilos "lip" and -osis "non-inflammatory disease") or corner stomatitis . The usage is not uniform. According to Altmeyer, this usually refers to the characteristic change in the skin of the lips in ariboflavinosis (vitamin B 2 deficiency). Cheilosis can also occur with a folic acid deficiency together with diarrhea, stomatitis and megaloblastic anemia . In addition, some authors use the term synonymously with corner inflammation of the mouth . Cheilosis (reddened, dry and chapped lips) also occurs more frequently in bulimic patients as a result of vomiting. The term is not clearly separated from the term cheilitis , which denotes inflammation of the lip.

Another disease called cheilosis actinica or cheilitis abrasiva praecancerosa , a painful reddening and swelling of the lips with scaling and fissure formation, which usually occurs in older men who have been exposed to intense sunlight for decades. The analogous clinical picture of the skin is called keratosis solaris . Even with actinic cheilosis, the early stages of squamous cell carcinoma are often found .

Individual evidence

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