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K12 Stomatitis and related diseases
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Under a stomatitis (of Greek stoma = mouth and itis , outdated and Mundkatarrh ) refers to an inflammation of the oral mucosa . It is a disease of its own, but it can also be an accompanying symptom of another disease or a side effect of therapy.

Causes of stomatitis

Stomatitis usually starts from inflammation of the gums ( gingivitis ). Other causes can be, for example, pathogenic microorganisms ( bacteria , viruses , fungi ), dehydration , poor dental and oral care , vitamin deficiencies ( vitamin A , vitamin B and vitamin C ), nicotine and alcohol abuse . For those who wear dentures , poor denture care (plaque and adhesive residue on the denture) can trigger stomatitis. Stomatitis can also occur as a side effect of chemotherapy or rheumatoid arthritis therapy with gold compounds .

Symptoms of stomatitis

The oral mucosa is reddened and inflamed - the classic signs of inflammation are visible. Further symptoms are bad breath, loss of appetite up to complete refusal to eat or drink (in small children), increased salivation ( hypersalivation ) and easy bleeding in the oral mucous membrane (e.g. from a hard toothbrush).


The treatment of stomatitis depends on the cause. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics , viral infections with antivirals and mycoses with antimycotics . In addition, targeted and regular oral hygiene and, if necessary, prosthesis care must be carried out. Dentures can e.g. B. be cleaned particularly thoroughly with special prosthesis brushes (denture brushes).

The red-brown roots of the Ratanhia bush are used in herbal medicine (drug: Ratanhiae radix) as an astringent in the form of tinctures. This is used for inflammation of the gums, inflammation of the mouth and throat, such as stomatitis or pharyngitis, usually as a gargle or a brush. Ratanhi tincture is often mixed with myrrh tincture for use .

Specific stomatitis

Candidomycetica stomatitis
Herpetic stomatitis

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in animals:

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