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ChemSpider is a free database of chemical compounds . It is maintained by the British Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) with the aim of providing the broadest possible view of freely accessible chemical information through a single search. ChemSpider contains 57 million structures with associated properties and information from 570 data sources (as of August 2016). Most of the entries come from Aurora Feinchemie, PubChem , Molport, AKos and eMolecules. The information available for a structure, if available, is structured in different categories:

  • Names and identifiers
  • properties
  • Spectra
  • Crystallographic Data
  • Specialist publications
  • providers
  • credentials
  • Patents
  • MeSH classifications
  • Pharmacological data

In addition, if possible, sources such as Wikipedia, other RSC databases and search engines such as Google are directly linked.

In addition to the usual features for a text search, ChemSpider offers a structure and substructure search based on drawn structural formulas. Alternatively, a structure can also be read in via a file.

ChemSpider attaches great importance to the highest possible amount of checked information. Similar to a Wiki , ChemSpider offers registered users the possibility to check the correctness of the stored information and to add to it if necessary.

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