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Chronopia , often with Chr. Is abbreviated, a Fantasy Tabletop - Game of the American publisher Excelsior Entertainment. The game was developed and first published by Target Games SE in 1997 . The game is based on the game system of the tabletop game Warzone by the same developer.

Chronopia provided a completely new background at the time of development, which differs considerably from the fantasy worlds common at the time. The world of Chronopia is not black and white, i.e. it is divided between good and evil. Each group is presented as equal and coherent in itself, with its own legitimate interests that are not in pure opposition to a " core people ". There are the well-known races of humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and goblins, who are portrayed in a more gloomy manner than is generally the case. These are supplemented by the swamp goblins and the snake-like Stygians. If there is anything evil in this world, then it is the lackeys, a power made up of demons, undead and fighters from almost all races and races who follow the Dark Prince , and yet one can understand their interests, which are mostly born out of fear and hate become. At Chronopia , all groups fight against each other. There are seldom alliances and mostly only temporary. All fight for their existence and for the supremacy on Chronopia .

The cultures and techniques shown are based on medieval or ancient models. In addition, genre-typical elements such as magic and mastery of nature are integrated.

In terms of game size, Chronopia lies between the two well-known tabletop games Confrontation and Warhammer Fantasy . It's a skirmisher system with an emphasis on army units and less on individual figures. The second, revised edition of the game, Chronopia: War in the Eternal Realm , is now available. The play system includes features of the terrain to a large extent. This is what distinguishes both Chronopia and Warzone .

Groups at Chronopia

In this game the following groupings are available, for each of which there is a so-called army list - a list of the units available for selection.

  • Elves - Determined by the four great houses: Crystal Lotus, Helios, Black Snake and Jade. Good dealers and tough on taking and handing out. Because of their many armor plates and massive weapons, they are depicted more gloomy than usual.
  • Firstborn - people who technically and culturally come close to the Middle Ages. Your magicians (Chronomanten) can manipulate the time and thus influence the development of a fight.
  • Lakaien - Born from the fratricidal war of the firstborn, their origin is much older and they were and are led by a god who wants to usurp power in Chronopia.
  • Black Blood - An Arab-influenced empire led by ogre emperors from the races of ogres, orcs, goblins and trolls. Probably the most unusual representation of these races in the fantasy genre.
  • Sons of Kronos - barbaric people who gather in three tribes, each of which follows its own path in the north of Chronopia.
  • Stygians - Mystical serpentine people from the past who were resurrected by the machinations of the King of the Firstborn and now fight with all might and great numbers for their once-lost supremacy of Chronopia.
  • Swamp Goblins - Goblins from the Lost Lands who are not subject to the rule of the Ogre Emperor. Their closeness to nature with their land is evident in many aspects, such as weapons and armor made of chitin, mounts such as spiders and insects, etc.
  • Dwarfs - The splintered dwarves into many clans, five of which are the most powerful, live with their cursed gods in huge underground ring festivals.

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