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Comic book writer Craig Thompson (" Blankets ") at work

A comic author is generally any person who is significantly involved in the creation of a comic , including the illustrator. In a narrower sense only but is often scenarist / lyricist (Engl. Writer ) denotes a comic book as an author, so occasionally of "comic artists and authors" is mentioned.

The comic book publishers now recognize both draftsmen and scenarioists as authors and share in the sales of their titles, similar to writers' fees .

The Japanese word mangaka has established itself as a term for manga authors in German technical language . Authors who do not draw are called (Manga) Gensaku-sha ( (漫画) 原作者 ).

Authors and division of labor

Especially in the production of American superhero comics, a tradition of division of labor has developed, in which the production of a comic is divided between different people with defined roles. In addition to the writer / scenarioist, there are the artistic activities of the draftsman ( penciller ), tuschers ( inker ), colorists and letterers . Of these artists , at most one would call the penciller together with the writer authors. Thus, in the context of US comic titles in common parlance often only the names of the writers and pencillers called (sometimes only of the writers ). The collective term for everyone involved in the comic is creator .

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