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In CommWarrior is a mobile phone worm , the mobile phones with the operating system Symbian OS Series 60, which for example, many Nokia mobile phones use attacks. The worm is spread either via MMS or via Bluetooth .

With the MMS variant, a file called commw.sis is always sent, together with a descriptive text that describes the file e.g. B. as antivirus software or as a game. The worm takes the phone numbers to which the MMS messages are sent directly from the address book.

In the case of the Bluetooth variant, which is limited to a radius of approx. 10 m due to the technology, the infected mobile phone searches for open potential receiving devices and sends files with a random file name and the file extension ".SIS".

According to F-Secure , the occurrence of the worm has already been registered in many countries, e.g. B. in Italy, Brunei or South Africa.