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The Common Development and Distribution License ( CDDL ) is an open source license from Sun Microsystems based on the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. The CDDL was sent to the Open Source Initiative on December 1, 2004 for clarification and was found to be open source compatible in mid-January 2005. On June 14, 2005, the source code of the Solaris operating system developed by Sun Microsystems was placed under the CDDL by the OpenSolaris project and thus made available as open source software.

The CDDL is also recognized as a free license by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). However, this does not recommend their use in conjunction with the GNU General Public License (GPL). According to the FSF, the CDDL is not compatible with the GPL as part of a derivative work . The CDDL contains a clause according to which the license for a particular licensee becomes invalid if that licensee takes legal action against the licensor relating to patents that may be infringed by the licensed work . In this case, the license expires within 60 days, provided that the patent action is not withdrawn within this period. However, the current version of the GPL excludes the simultaneous use of a license (within the framework of a derivative work) that contains additional restrictions (here: the prohibition of patent suits against developers / licensors). However, there are also individuals, such as B. cdrtools author Jörg Schilling, who see compatibility of the GPL with the CDDL as part of a "combined work" (see also the license discussion at cdrtools ). The question of GPL compatibility was sometimes heatedly discussed in the FLOSS environment.

The CDDL allows codes of different licenses to exist side by side at the same time, as long as this does not change the license conditions of the program parts placed under the CDDL. Code published under the CDDL may only be redistributed if the license text is retained, even if it is changed.

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