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Compose button, here with locking function and control diode
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The Compose key ( English compose , composed) is a special dead key on a computer keyboard , the following key presses are grouped by their pressing to a not in a keyboard layout to produce existing character. It is mainly found on Unix operating systems.

The result character usually results from a relatively intuitive superimposition of the original symbols or letters.

A keyboard symbol for the Compose key is standardized in ISO / IEC 9995 -7 as symbol 15 “Compose Character” , and in DIN ISO 7000 “Graphic symbols on devices” as symbol ISO-7000-2021. This character is contained in Unicode from version 3.0 in the block Various technical characters as U + 2384 composition symbol (⎄).

Button 1 Button 2 Result
" a Ä Umlaut / Trema
^ a â Letter with circumflex
a e æ ligature
, c ç Accented Letter ( Cedilla )
s s ß Eszett
S. S. Big Eszett
t H þ Thorn
< < « Quotation marks (guillemets)
> > » Quotation marks (guillemets)
+ - ± Plus-minus signs
> ' ' typographically correct apostrophe
= e the euro sign

The key combinations can vary depending on the implementation and language setting. Under X.Org , the abbreviations can be looked up and modified in a subdirectory specified in the file /usr/share/X11/locale/locale.dir for the corresponding locale . The file, which contains all possible compose sequences, can often be found under /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose . In most distributions, contrary to the obvious assumption, this file is used for all UTF-8 locales, such as de_DE.UTF-8 .

Only a few keyboards, mostly for computers from certain manufacturers (such as Sun Microsystems ), have a separate Compose key. Under many Linux distributions , it is simulated using a combination of the Shift key and Alt Gr ; the right Windows key is also often used for this. If you use your own xmodmap , the Compose key can be triggered with the help of the “Multi_key” value .

For users of other operating systems, there is sometimes the option of emulating the Compose key using software . For Windows, for example, there is an open source program called AllChars that allows this within the framework of the active character set table and the selected character set ; the portable Windows driver of the Neo keyboard layout enables the input of all unixoid composite sequences.

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