Crest (heraldry)

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With Crest designating heraldist a special form of helmet Klei nodes . Heraldic figures or parts of the figure are placed directly on the helmet bulge and placed floating or lying on the upper edge of the shield . A helmet and the usual helmet cover are no longer available. This representation is widespread in English heraldry . This "thrift" is seen as unheraldic. It reached its climax in English with the omission of the most important coat of arms element, the coat of arms . Only the bead of the helmet and the coat of arms on it are seen as having equal rights to the actual coat of arms . The horizontal position of the bead and the different tinging of the bead rings are important as additional features. The French expression " bourlet " describes the floating (flying) depicted helmet tangle in the colors that are repeated from the shield or from the helmet cover.

Example is the coat of arms of Australia with crest (helmet bulge floating and star-studded above the coat of arms).

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