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Parceling croquis of the old community of Schwarzenbach from the Franziszeischen Cadastre (1842)

A croquis [ kʁɔˈki ] is generally understood to be a design drawing or painting (see also sketch ). The term is used in art and cartography . In the mining surveying the term is mainly used for a rough diagrammatic representation of mine fields.


The Swiss form Kroki denotes a sketch of the terrain. This expression is particularly common among scouts , in the Jubla and in the Swiss Army . A kroki is a card-like freehand drawing. Only the essentials are recorded. One differentiates:

  • Plankroki: A map or a terrain is sketched in the floor plan.
  • Wegkroki: a route as a straight line
  • Kompasskroki: a route with an indication of the (compass) course
  • View croki: a representation of a section of terrain

In the Swiss Armed Forces , the back of the so-called “Form 6.5” (also “Six and a half” or now “Form 6.005”, a frequently used form for internal reports and complaints) is used.


In Austrian parliamentarism, croquis is understood to be a prepared manuscript for the correct implementation of parliamentary negotiations and votes. In addition, the Croquis designates the opinion of the General Procurator (Public Prosecutor at the Supreme Court) on the court day of the Supreme Court in the proceedings for an appeal on annulment.


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