DÖF solar conductor cave system

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DÖF solar conductor cave system


Location: Dead Mountains , Styria , Austria
Height : 1996  m above sea level A.
47 ° 36 '0 "  N , 14 ° 2' 0"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 36 '0 "  N , 14 ° 2' 0"  E
DÖF Sonnenleiter cave system (Styria)
DÖF solar conductor cave system
Cadastral number: 1625/379
Discovery: 1985
Overall length: 23,210 m measured so far (4/2013)
Level difference: -1,092 m
Particularities: deepest cave in Styria

The DÖF Sonnenleiter cave system is located in the south-east of the Dead Mountains not far from the Tauplitzalm ( Styria ) in Austria .

The highly branched cave system with deep shafts and a large horizontal system has been explored by some members of the Association for Speleology in Upper Styria (VHO) since its discovery in 1985.

The DÖF shaft or friendship shaft is at 1,874 m above sea level. A. and was discovered in 1986. Numerous shafts and extreme bottlenecks made exploration difficult, including a 154-meter-deep direct shaft called "Big Brother". In the winter of 1998/99 a depth of -962 meters could be reached. The evaluation of the measurement results has shown that the DÖF shaft and Sonnenleiterschacht come pretty close. Therefore an attempt was made to establish a connection. On July 27, 1999, starting from the DÖF shaft, the merger was established. The new DÖF-Sonnenleiter cave system achieved a level difference of -1,042 meters and a total length of 12,772 meters thanks to the new, higher entrances. In a further advance in February 2002, a siphon at -974 m could be reached from the DÖF shaft, the deepest point of the cave system to date. This is 904 m above sea level. A. approximately at the level of the Tauplitz village square. This increased the depth of the entire system to -1,054 m.

On January 26, 2008, researchers from the Association for Speleology in Upper Styria were able to establish a connection with the ozone hole (1625/406). As a result, the DÖF Sonnenleiter cave system reached a total length of 20,926 meters and a horizontal extension of 1,620 meters. The cave system has a total of ten entrances or four down shaft systems. With a total height difference of 1,092 meters, it is the deepest cave in the Dead Mountains and in all of Styria.

Research in autumn 2008 increased the total length to 21,440 m.


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