DIN 18032

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Area Building law
title Gym
Brief description: Requirements and tests for the construction and equipment of sports halls
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The DIN standard DIN 18032 ("Sports halls - halls and rooms for sports and multi-purpose use") is a standard for the construction of sports halls and rooms for sports and multi-purpose use.

The standard is divided into six parts:

  1. DIN 18032-1 (current edition .2014-11) defines principles for planning, including the area of ​​application, terms, expansion and equipment, ancillary rooms, room allocation, lighting, heating, ventilation, sanitary installation, electrical engineering, sound insulation and room acoustics,.
  2. DIN V 18032-2 (pre-standard, current edition 4.2001) defines requirements and tests for sports floors, whereby the entire structure is tested. The result of the test includes B. Data on deflection trough and ball reflection (the rebound behavior of standardized balls).
  3. DIN 18032-3 (current edition 4.1997) defines tests of "ball impact safety".
  4. DIN 18032-4 (current edition 8.2002) defines requirements for double-shell partition curtains.
  5. DIN 18032-5 (current edition 8.2002) defines requirements for "extendable stands".
  6. DIN 18032-6 (current edition 4.1982) defines requirements for structural measures for the installation and anchoring of sports equipment .