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Sports hall in Köthen (Anhalt)
Interior view of the Augsburg sports hall
Gym in a German school

A gym (also sports hall or gym ) is a covered hall or a correspondingly large hall-like room in a building to the practice of various sports . The provider is often a school , the community or a sports club . School gyms are also often used by sports clubs, for example by renting them weekly in the evening.


The gym goes back to the gymnasium invented by Friedrich Jahn . The first gymnastics area in Germany was opened on June 18, 1811 on the Berlin Hasenheide as a result of the gymnastics movement. In 1845, the Stadthausstrasse gymnasium, the first gymnasium in Switzerland, was built in Winterthur , but this had to give way to the founding building of the bank in Winterthur as early as 1868 . Four years later, Germany's first gymnasium was built in Hamburg in 1849 . The 500 m 2 building cost 16,500 marks and was financed by members of the Hamburg gymnastics association.

Construction of a ton gym in Dresden-Zschertnitz
A look into the gym on the upper floor of the new Lübeck main fire station when it opened in 1906

In the GDR there were several standard structures ( type construction ) that were built in large numbers. Examples are the type KT 60 L with a round roof or the so-called barrel gym. Numerous gyms were given a roof made of VT folds .

Building regulations


According to the building regulations of the federal states , certain standard or minimum dimensions are prescribed or recommended.

  • Single gym: for example 15 m × 27 m in the system for the school building ordinance in Bavaria .
  • Dual gymnasium: for example 30 m × 27 m
  • Triple gym: for example 45 m × 27 m

In particular, DIN 18032 , DIN 18036 and DIN 18038 apply .

If large gymnasiums and sports halls have a multiple of these dimensions and can be subdivided by flexible walls, it is called multiple halls , for example Dreifachhalle , Dreifachsporthalle , Dreifachturnhalle or three-field Hall .

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