DIN 69900

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Area Project economy
title Project management
Brief description: Project management, network technology, descriptions, terms
Latest edition 2009-01

The DIN standard DIN 69900 applies to network planning and other methods of scheduling and process planning in project management and defines the associated terminology.


The standard describes the area of ​​application in the first section and the normative references in the second section. In the third section, a little more than 100 terms relating to network planning and scheduling and scheduling are defined. The fourth section describes the procedures, methods and application of the network technique.

Project management standards

The first standard on the subject of project management appeared in 1970. By 2009, the number of relevant standards rose to 6. In January 2009, all previous standards on this topic lost their validity and were replaced by standards that were completely redesigned in terms of both form and content.

Development of the German standards landscape for project management

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