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Beuth Verlag GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding April 25, 1924
Seat Berlin , GermanyGermanyGermany 
  • Dominik Grau
  • Marion Winkenbach
Number of employees 188
sales > 78 million euros
Status: 2020

As a subsidiary of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, Beuth Verlag sells V. national and international standards as well as other technical regulations and develops specialist literature in all media formats for industry, science, trade, service industries, studies and crafts.


The publishing house named after Christian Peter Wilhelm Beuth was founded as Beuth Verlag GmbH on April 25, 1924 in Berlin and registered in May 1924 at the Berlin-Mitte district court with a share capital of 6,000 gold marks . In addition to the founding partners DIN and VDI , several institutions from business, science and technology have entrusted Beuth Verlag with their publishing work.

The Austrian Standards Institute (ON) and the Swiss Standards Association (SNV) have also been partners in Beuth Verlag GmbH since 1993 . Beuth ("Der Technikverlag") is one of the largest specialist publishers in Europe today.


Beuth Verlag traditionally sells standardization documents and other technical information of all kinds. In the past, this was only done in paper form, today also as a file on CD or as a download from the Internet (e-books / e-pubs).

There are over 90 standards info points throughout Germany. Interested parties can view current DIN standards there free of charge.

The publishing program also includes several book series, loose-leaf publications , online services and magazines. The publisher delivers around 50,000 titles directly from stock; In addition, there is access to a further 200,000 documents and publications in Germany and abroad. Beuth Verlag also organizes DIN Academy events (DIN conferences, DIN seminars, DIN workshops, DIN webinars).

In October 2009, Beuth Verlag took over the book portfolio of Solarpraxis AG (regenerative energies) and in autumn 2010 the construction program from Huss-Medien. Since January 2011 the sub-program “Plastic and Packaging Technology” from the VDE-Verlag, previously published by Hüthig , has been published by Beuth Verlag. At the beginning of March 2011, Beuth took over the entire book program from Bauwerk Verlag. In January 2012 the publisher bought six loose-leaf works from Wolters Kluwer . In June 2012, Beuth announced the cooperation with the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) in the distribution of wind power literature.

In 2013, the company intensified marketing and sales in a targeted manner in order to expand into new markets and consistently gear the company towards customer orientation .

The official method collection according to § 64 LFGB will also exclusively from Beuth Verlag sold . Likewise the guideline and warning values ​​for food of the DGHM .

areas of expertise

  • Construction
  • Standardization, technical principles, metrology
  • mechanical engineering
  • Materials
  • Quality, services, management
  • Environmental protection, occupational safety, security
  • Information and communication technology
  • Medical technology, food
  • Energy, electrical engineering, electronics
  • technical building equipment
  • Sports, events, consumer goods

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