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Süddeutscher Verlag GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1945 (Verlag Süddeutsche Zeitung), 1947 (Süddeutscher Verlag)
Seat Munich , GermanyGermanyGermany 
management Stefan Hilscher, Alexander Paasch, Karl Ulrich (Managing Director)
Number of employees 3868 (2006)
sales 709 million euros (2006)
Branch Publishing house, media
Website www.sueddeutscher-verlag.de

The SV high-rise , headquarters of the Süddeutscher Verlag

The Süddeutsche Verlag is one of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung product derived by German media company based in Munich . The company belongs to the Group of the Southwest German media holding (SWMH).

The originally pure print media - publishing is today one of Germany's largest media company with activities at home and abroad, has its main focus, however, remains in the area newspapers, journals and books. The headquarters of the company is the SV high-rise in the Zamdorf district of Munich , and printing takes place in the neighboring SV printing center in the Steinhausen district .


The activities of the Süddeutsche Verlag began with the appearance of the first edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung on October 6, 1945. Süddeutsche Verlag GmbH , based in Munich , was founded in 1947 by the partners August Schwingenstein , Edmund Goldschagg , Franz Josef Schöningh and Werner Friedmann .

The first book publisher was founded three years later. Further investments, takeovers and start-ups followed. Today the media group has over a hundred subsidiaries.

The publishing house sold its headquarters in Sendlinger Strasse in 2004. Since autumn 2008 the headquarters of the publishing house has been located in the new SV high-rise in Munich-Zamdorf .

Sale 2007

Until 2007, Süddeutsche Verlag was largely owned by five Munich publishing families, descendants of the founders. These were the Friedmann families (share: 18.75%), Goldschagg (18.75%), Seidlein (18.75%), Schwingenstein (16.67%) and Dürrmeier (8.33%) and most recently the new ones acquired Südwestdeutsche Medien Holding (SWMH) (18.75%). Christian Goldschagg was the chairman of the shareholders' meeting . As managing director of the publishing house were in August 2004 Hans Jenke and Klaus Josef Lutz worked.

After years of speculation, four of the five shareholder families (Dürrmeier, Goldschagg, Schwingenstein and von Seidlein) finally agreed in 2007 to sell their shares in the publishing house totaling 62.5%. The Cologne publisher M. DuMont Schauberg (Frankfurter Rundschau, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger), the Essen WAZ media group (Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung), the Stuttgart-based Dieter von Holtzbrinck Medien (Der Tagesspiegel, Die Zeit) and the four financial investors had registered as interested parties Goldman Sachs , Apax , Veronis Suhler Stevenson and 3i . The SWMH with 18.75 percent held a right of first refusal and the shareholder family around publisher Johannes Friedmann ( Abendzeitung ) resisted a sale to investors (" locusts "). According to information from the news magazine Focus , the Stuttgart publisher Dieter von Holtzbrinck ( DvH Medien mit Tagesspiegel , Handelsblatt and Die Zeit ), supported by the investment house Goldman Sachs, intends to acquire the publisher's shares, but this failed. An alliance with the SWMH was considered.

On December 21, 2007, the completion of the sale was announced with the acceptance of SWMH. Effective February 29, 2008, it increased its stake to a total of 81.25 percent.

Shareholder, group relationship

Süddeutsche Verlag has been 81.25% owned by Südwestdeutsche Medien Holding GmbH (SWMH) as the controlling company since February 2008 and 18.75% owned by the Munich publishing family Friedmann (SV Friedmann Holding GmbH, Munich, represented by Johannes Friedmann , Son of Werner and Anneliese Friedmann ).

Süddeutsche Verlag is included in the consolidated financial statements of the parent company SWMH. The Süddeutsche Verlag transfers the income to the parent company within the framework of a profit transfer agreement , which is obliged to compensate for losses.

Key figures

After economic difficulties, the publishing house was restructured and in 2003 achieved sales of EUR 625.4 million (-13.1% compared to the previous year) with 4,329 employees (−14.7% ). After a loss of EUR 76.6 million in the previous year, the net income in 2003 was EUR 0.6 million. In 2006, a turnover of EUR 709.3 million was achieved with 3,868 employees.

Business areas

Süddeutsche Verlag is divided into the four business areas Süddeutsche Zeitung, regional and weekly newspapers, specialist information and services / technology / investments.

Popular newspapers and media

Southgerman newspaper

The largest and most important product of the Süddeutscher Verlag is the Süddeutsche Zeitung . This business unit also includes various magazines and supplements , Internet and TV appearances, the New Products department (books, CDs, DVDs) as well as the advertising business and subscription management.

Newspaper group Hof / Coburg / Suhl

Süddeutsche Verlag is the majority shareholder of the Hof / Coburg / Suhl newspaper group. He holds 70 percent of the shares in Suhler Verlagsgesellschafts mbH & Co. KG ( Free Word , Südthüringer Zeitung ) and the Druck- und Verlagsanstalt Neue Presse GmbH ( Neue Presse ) and 65 percent of the shares in Frankenpost Verlag GmbH ( Frankenpost ). The remaining shares are held by Deutsche Druck- und Verlagsgesellschaft .

In January 2010 the four newspapers broke up their common surface editing and relate since nationwide content from the likewise for South West German media holding belonging Stuttgarter Nachrichten .

Other periodicals


In 2014 the Süddeutsche Verlag sold SV Teleradio Produktions- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft für Electronic Medien mbH to the rt1.media group . It is involved in, among others, Antenne Bayern , Radio Gong 96.3 , 106.4 Top FM and Studio Gong .

Technical information

The activities in the field of specialist information are bundled in the subsidiary Süddeutscher Verlag Hüthig Fachinformationen GmbH (SVHFI). 150 specialist journals and several thousand book titles are produced there. The focus is on the areas of law and taxes, industry, communication and medicine.

The following publishers belong to the division:

Services and technology

In addition to in-house activities, the services area also includes archive and content services ( DIZ Documentation and Information Center) and corporate publishing ( Süddeutscher Verlag Publishing , Süddeutsche Zeitung onpact ). With Süddeutsche Zeitung Publishing , SV owns a marketing and web design agency, especially for the target group of young people, and with Süddeutscher Verlag onpact a PR agency . Seminars and congresses are offered through subsidiaries of the Verlag modern industry, which belongs to the SV (mic management information center, DVS German sales manager school, Ueberreuter manager academy). The SZ logistics (sales, payroll) is part of the Services Division. Since February 2009, the logistics subsidiary of SV, Zeitungsverlag Oberbayern, TNT Post Holding and MeDiaLog GmbH & Co. KG have been pooling their regional experience in the mail business under the name Süd-Post GmbH & Co. KG .

In the field of printing technology, printing technology services are offered, for example newspaper printing and prepress technology . In addition to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, several titles from other publishing groups (including the titles Bild , BamS and Die Welt des Axel-Springer-Verlag ) as well as individual customer orders are printed in the SV printing center in Munich-Steinhausen . In the printing center Suhl (subsidiary of the Suhler Verlagsgesellschaft within the newspaper group Hof / Coburg / Suhl) the titles Free Word, Neue Presse, Südthüringer Zeitung and Wochenspiegel are printed.

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