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Antenna Bavaria
Station logo
Radio station ( private )
Program type Hot AC
reception analogue terrestrial , digital radio DAB + , cable , satellite , web radio
Reception area BavariaBavaria Bavaria and neighboring areas (VHF, DAB +)
Start of transmission 5th September 1988
executive Director Felix Kovac
Program director Felix Kovac (acting)
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Antenne Bayern is a private radio broadcaster in Bavaria based in Ismaning . The broadcaster operates under the official name of Antenne Bayern GmbH & Co. KG. The target group stated is 14 to 49 year olds.


Antenne Bayern broadcasts as a full program and consists of the elements music, information, entertainment and service.

In addition to current pop titles, the program also includes songs from the past 20 years, which are rotated with the aid of computers. News, the weather report and a traffic service for the freeways and state roads in the Free State are broadcast on the hour, and headlines and the traffic service are broadcast on the half-hour. In addition, Antenne Bayern regularly broadcasts comedy series, z. B. Antenne Bayern Landtag lift and my child, the other mothers and me.

Since 2003, parts of the evening and night program are no longer moderated live.

Branch programs

In addition to the main program, over 20 other specialty programs are available as web radio, including the Rock Antenne program , which, like Antenne Bayern, is represented in the nationwide DAB ensemble. The Info Digital and Top 40 - Hitradio programs for Bavaria were also temporarily receivable via DAB.

Market shares

According to ma 2020 Audio II (population: German-speaking population 14+), the station is heard by 2.232 million listeners per day (Mon-Fri). In the average broadcast hour (6:00 am to 6:00 pm, Mon-Fri), the station reaches 805,000 people.


Old logo until 2017

Before the start of broadcasting as a Bavaria-wide radio station, it was broadcast in Munich on FM frequency 89.0 as Radio 1 from mid-1985 to September 30, 1987 . Stephan Lehmann (now with Bayern 1 ) was one of the first moderators.

The private radio concept in Bavaria already provided for the establishment of two nationwide broadcasting chains. The main shareholders of Antenne Bayern wanted on the one hand to gain experience with Radio 1, on the other hand to improve their starting position in the application. The second nationwide chain was broken up after the start of Antenne Bayern and assigned to local radio, B5 Aktuell and Antenne Bayern.

Originally, Antenne Bayern was supposed to be called Radio Bayern. However, this was prohibited on the initiative of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation , which saw too great a risk of confusion with its own public radio programs. On September 5, 1988, the station went on air for the first time on 26 FM frequencies with its full 24-hour program. From 1990 to 1999, Antenne Bayern broadcast the comedy series Die Feuchtgrubers . In addition, the Franconian comedy series Metzgerei Boggnsagg was an integral part of the program for a long time.

Regional events

The radio station attaches great importance to events in the Bavaria region. The station caused a sensation in the winter months from 2004 to 2008 when sloping streets and hills were transformed into a large “party slope”. From 1998 to 2006 the broadcaster organized a “good mood tour” on Bavarian main, market and town hall squares and was present there with its own broadcasting band. In the summer months of 2006 to 2008, Antenne Bayern was also on the road with the “Beach Party” in Bavaria, at which several tons of sand were spread on the respective location in order to reinforce the feeling of a real beach party. The station has been present at Bavarian city festivals since 2011 and has a stage with presenters, DJs and a broadcasting band under the motto “Celebrate with antenna Bavaria”.

The Antenne Bayern foundation helps

The official registration as an association took place shortly after the start of broadcasting. Since December 17th, 2002, Antenne Bayern hilft has been a foundation. It supports people in need, mostly limited to the Bavarian region. Social institutions for children and adults also receive grants when state funds are insufficient.

The annual donation day takes place during Christmas / Advent. Here the listeners can call and request a music track for a donation of any amount. At the 2010 donation day, listeners donated more than 2 million euros. On a special donation day on the occasion of the great flood disaster in Bavaria in the summer of 2002, around 3 million euros were raised.

further activities

The company operates a second radio station, Rock Antenne (an 81.5% subsidiary ), whose program is based on the AOR format. The SpotCom marketing company also belongs to the Antenne Bayern group of companies.


Web radios

  • Summer hits
  • Top 40
  • Fresh
  • Hit mix
  • 70s hits
  • 80s hits
  • 90s hits
  • 2000s hits
  • 2010 hits
  • Oldies but goldies
  • Greatest hits
  • Classic rock
  • Coffee Music
  • Lounge
  • chill out
  • Relax
  • Love songs
  • Workout hits
  • Black music
  • Hit cream
  • Hits for kids
  • Christmas hits
  • Oktoberfest hits


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Bavarian anthem - God be with you, you Land of Bavaria
  DE 57 04/03/2020 (1 week)


  • 2020: Bavarian anthem - God with you, you Land of Bavaria



The company is owned by the following shareholders:

  • Amperwelle Studio Munich program provider company (6.1%)
  • Axel Springer SE (16%)
  • Hubert Burda Media (16%)
  • Studio gong (7%)
  • Media company of the Bavarian daily newspapers for cable communication (24.9%)
  • Media pool (belongs to Helmut Markwort ) (7%)
  • Radio Bavaria Rundfunkprogrammgesellschaft (main shareholder Michael Oschmann, managing director of the telephone book publisher Hans Müller) (7%)
  • RTL Group (16%)

Criticism for surreptitious advertising

In August 2005, Antenne Bayern came under fire for illegal surreptitious advertising for the T-Online subsidiary Musicload . While the program was running, moderators asked to download songs from the online music provider. However, these notices were never marked as advertising. Since this concerned a clear violation of the advertising guidelines of the Bavarian Media Act and the Broadcasting Treaty, Bayerische asked Landesmedienanstalt (BLM) transmitter for an opinion. The broadcaster responded to the BLM's request and commented on the allegations, whereupon the BLM considered the matter to be settled with a complaint. After that, advertising continued in a different way. Instead of mentioning the name of the T-Online subsidiary in the current program, the moderators now referred to the broadcaster's website for further information on downloading. This type of advertising has now also been stopped.

In February 2013, Antenna Bayern was again criticized for surreptitious advertising. As part of the competition Antenne Bayern pays your bill , Antenne Bayern selected two bills on one day, each of which was for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone . This win was mentioned several times in the program in the morning, afternoon and the next morning by the full brand name and was even advertised as "very popular".

Reception possibilities

The program can be broadcast over 43 VHF stations from 92.6 MHz ( Pfaffenhofen a. Ilm transmitter ) to 107.7 MHz ( Hochries transmitter ) throughout Bavaria, parts of Hesse , Thuringia , Saxony , Baden-Württemberg , Rhineland-Palatinate , Austria , Switzerland and the Czech Republic .

Since July 1, 2017, the program has also been broadcast on the Bavaria-wide digital radio multiplex 11D.

In addition, the transmitter is in the cable network of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg (DVB-C), Hesse and Saxony and digitally via the satellite Astra and via the Internet received at. At IFA 2005, Antenne Bayern could also be received via DVB-T in Berlin .

At the beginning of July 2020 it was announced that Antenne Bayern will digitally broadcast its radio program nationwide in the program package of "Antenne Deutschland" with the start of the second DAB + - Bundesmux from October 2020.

In the summer season, the station is sometimes wholly or partially taken over with its own contributions on the four frequencies of Radio Europa 23 on Lake Garda .


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