DJ Rolando

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DJ Rolando (actually Rolando Ray Rocha ) is an American techno DJ and musician from Detroit .


Rocha grew up among Latin American immigrants in the middle of Detroit . He later listened to the mixes by Jeff Mills on the radio, who was then called "The Wizard". A friend introduced him to Mike Banks , who eventually made him a member of Banks' label and music project Underground Resistance .

"Condition red"

Under the pseudonym The Aztec Mystic , Rocha made his breakthrough in 1999 with the techno track Jaguar on the Underground Resistance label. The track was an underground hit at first, but developed into a classic of the techno scene.

Major label Sony (and BMG, which licensed the piece) were interested in releasing the track "Jaguar" on a large scale. Underground Resistance rejected this out of conviction, but a cover version including a video clip was released without approval. As a result, many emails from underground resistance sympathizers around the world flooded the Sony mail server and paralyzed it. The most famous DJs in the world supported the original in the so-called "condition red" (German: red alert). Sony eventually withdrew the European release meekly, but continued to release the "Jaguar" cover in South America.

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