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Basic data

developer Guillaume Hoffmann and others
Publishing year March 3, 2003
Current  version 2.14.2
( January 26, 2019 )
operating system Unix , Linux , BSD , OS X , Windows
programming language Haskell
category distributed  version management
License GPLv 2 ( Free Software )
German speaking No

Darcs ( recursive acronym for D arcs a dvanced r evision c ontrol s ystem ) is a system for distributed version management of software projects and was written by David Roundy. In contrast to the popular CVS or SVN , Darcs does not have a central source code archive. Each copy of the folder with the Darcs project represents an independent " repository . Represents the" core of Darcs are the "patches" (English for. Patch , repair ; see. Patchwork ), which represents the differences between the various versions and the various repositories be brought up to date. Under certain circumstances, the order of the "patches" can be changed or changes can be canceled by individual patches.

Darcs was written in Haskell and relies on proven technologies such as SSH , HTTP and e-mail for data transmission .

In contrast to all other version management, Darcs does not manage a tree of revisions, but patches and dependencies between them. So many more conceivable revisions can be generated from the same number of patches, for example by omitting patches. In principle, this works everywhere with Darcs, with conventional version management only the last patch can be removed.

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  1. hackage.haskell.org .