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A patch on a swimming pool
Mending sacks

A patch is a piece of material used to repair a damaged item (such as a piece of textile , a bicycle inner tube or a roof ) that covers the damaged area instead of replacing the damaged part.


Usually the same material is chosen for covering and attached to the damaged area by sewing , gluing , soldering or vulcanization . Applying a patch is called a patch .

In the grammatical-critical dictionary of the High German dialect of 1793 by Johann Christoph Adelung it says: A patch is that stain which is attached to a damaged or torn area. The repair of fishing nets is also referred to as patching, although no patch is applied, but the hole in the net is simply knotted. For shoes and boots , a patch made of leather is called Riester .

The fifth stanza from Nikolaus Lenau's poem “ The Three Gypsies ” is literarily known : The three wore | on their clothes Holes and colored patches; | But they defiantly offered free | Ridicule the fortunes of earth.

Word origin

In Middle High German, vlicken means "to put on a spot". Today's meaning is mending . The patchcutter, the patchwork cobbler and the tinker are known . In early New High German of the 15th century, patchwork is “bad, patched up work”.

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Individual evidence

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