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The Scientific Bible dictionary ( WiBiLex ) is a freely available over the Internet, by theologians created and other specialist scientists Bible Encyclopedia .

WiBiLex is an internet project of the German Bible Society that published its first contributions in 2008. The lexicon is still under construction. In May 2019, over 1,700 of the more than 3,000 planned entries were available, the greater part in the Old Testament area . Even after the lexicon has been completed, entries should be updated again and again if necessary.

The more than 300 authors come from different subject areas (e.g. theology , ancient history , ancient oriental studies ). The editors are Michaela Bauks and Klaus Koenen (Old Testament) and Stefan Alkier ( New Testament ). In addition, twenty specialist editors work for the edition and decide whether to accept additional employees.

The full text is freely available. Some advanced functions are available to registered users.

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