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A file and printer sharing , and shared folder or network share called, allows under Windows to access files and printers on the network .

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The actual implementation takes on the Windows component "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" ( Engl. " File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks "). This component uses - at least in home networks - the " Server Message Block Protocol " (SMB) from Microsoft for communication with other computers.

If a permanent connection is set up on a file share in the network , a network drive is created which, as a virtual drive, shows the folders and files of a server on the client as usual.

Alternatively, file shares can also be used without a network drive by using directories or files via the Uniform Naming Convention , i. H. in the form of \\servername\freigabename\dateinamebeing addressed directly.

The terms “file and printer sharing” or “file and print services” are also used in connection with other operating systems, especially if they also use the SMB network protocol . One example is the use of SMB by Linux using Samba .


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