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Data management is the set of all methodological, conceptual, organizational and technical measures and procedures for handling the resource " data " with the aim of introducing them into business processes with their maximum potential and ensuring their optimal use during ongoing operations.

In addition, professional data management must also take into account the aspects of data / information quality and data protection .

Data consistency should be ensured across the entire process chain . A complex process chain that affects many areas of a company must be taken into account, starting with business records , through inventory management systems , risk controlling and the balance sheet. The data quality plays a decisive role in every single process step. Data is of high quality when the data users can effectively do their jobs. This means that the data quality always depends on the purpose of the data. This is usually described in the business processes. Conversely, this means that if the processes in the company are changed or adapted to new requirements, the definition of high data quality can also change. The rules for collecting, processing and evaluating the data must be adapted accordingly.

Data protection provides in particular that personal data are protected against misuse and may only be used for the purpose for which they were collected.

Training opportunities

There are various degree programs that deal with the topic of data management:

  • Bachelor: Data management can form an extensive study focus in the Bachelor’s degree, e.g. B. in the information science course "Information and Data Management" at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam . In addition, the subject area is dealt with in several modules in the computer science and business informatics courses. The bachelor's degree in “Health Data and Digitization” at the University of Health in Bochum offers another option for training in the field of data management, with the focus on the health sector.
  • Master: There are master’s courses that specifically deal with the subject of data management, for example the master’s course “Management & Data Science ” at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg or the master’s “data analysis and data management” at the Technical University of Dortmund . or the business informatics course with a focus on Business Intelligence & Data Science at the University of Linz

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