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The Declaration of Helsinki is a declaration of the World Medical Association on ethical principles for medical research on humans . It was adopted by the 18th General Assembly of the World Medical Association in Helsinki in June 1964 . The text has been revised several times :

  • in October 1975 by the 29th General Assembly in Tokyo , Japan
  • in October 1983 by the 35th General Assembly in Venice , Italy
  • in September 1989 by the 41st General Assembly in Hong Kong
  • in October 1996 by the 48th General Assembly in Somerset West , Republic of South Africa
  • in October 2000 by the 52nd General Assembly in Edinburgh , Scotland
  • A clarification ( "Note of Clarification" ) on the use of placebo -controlled experiments (Section 29) was made in Washington in October 2002 .
  • A clarification (" Note of Clarification ") to paragraph 30 was made in 2004 in Tokyo. Here it is again asserted that after the end of the study the patient should have access to the most effective proven prophylactic, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Revision of October 2008 by the 59th General Assembly in Seoul , South Korea . The 2002 and 2004 clarifications were incorporated into the Helsinki Declaration. In addition, the registration of studies in study registers was introduced.
  • last revision from October 2013 by the 64th General Assembly in Fortaleza , Brazil

The declaration is generally accepted as the standard of medical ethics . It is used in many countries, but in different versions. In Germany too, the ethics committees are currently referring to various revisions of this declaration in the context of clinical studies . The World Medical Association (WMA) only accepts the current version as valid.

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