Demon Diary

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Korean spelling
Korean alphabet : 마왕 일기
Revised Romanization : mawang-ilgi
McCune-Reischauer : mawang-ilgi

Demon Diary ( Korean . 마왕 일기, diary of a demon king ) is a Manhwa of the Korean character duo KARA. The plot of the first volume comes from Chiyung Lee, the other volumes from Yun-Hee Lee. The series is to be assigned to the Sunjeong genre (comparable to the Shōjo genre in Japanese manga ).


Young Raenef is an orphan and lives with a thieves' guild . There are demons and demon lords in his world . Eclipse is a demon who formerly served the demon lord Raenef the Fourth. He has died, so Eclipse has to look for his successor and finds the small, naive Raenef, who faints at the sight of black magic . From now on it is Eclipse's job to raise him and make him a true demon lord.


The Manhwa consists of seven volumes published in South Korea by Sigongsa Publishing House.

The Manhwa was published in German by Tokyopop from 2004 to 2005 . The band in question always made it into the top 10 of the German manga charts after it was released. The series was translated by Mirja Maletzki, who also did the majority of all other Manhwa translations in Germany. In 2007 and 2008 the two volumes of the "Demon Diary Complete Edition" were published by Tokyopop.

Furthermore, Demon Diary appeared among others in the US, UK, Sweden, Denmark and France.

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